When you drive from Eski Foça to Yeni Foça, Mersinaki bays are the most beautiful beaches that you can see in a row. Foca waits you with its cliffs, beaches on the coast, clean hotels, small and lovely B&B’s and nice fish restaurants on coast of  Kücükdeniz and of course with its friendly people.

Foça  is an islands town like Ayvalık. You can go on a boat trip to large and small islands or you can even rent a boat.

There are six deser islands near to coast of Foça. These are Orak (93 ha), İncir (18 ha), Fener (14 ha), Hayırsız (5 ha), Kartdere (2 ha) and Metelik (1,5 ha) islands.

There is a long pebble beach on the south coast of Orak Island; in Orak, Hayırsız and Kartdere there are steep cliffs reaching 80 m high. The islands are usually covered with herbaceous, woody plants and maquis.

  A small pine forest is located on the northern coast of the island of Incir, and in Fener Island there is an area covered with cactus.

 Your first destination will be Orak Island half an hour away from Foça.Orak Island has rocky reefs composed of islands resembling seals. In the first part of the island, it has a tiny lake. If you continue in parallel to the lake, you will see unique and amazing “Siren Rocks”. If you are lucky, you can see Mediterranean Seals the landlord of these rocky reefs shaped by the wind and waves.

The Historian Homer tells about Siren Rocks. According to Homer, the one passing  Siren Rocks was really impressed by mysterious sounds resembling whistles coming from rocks. In order to avoid his crew’s interruption by these irresistible sounds he stuffed their ears with wax comb.

Siren Rocks, is today a protected area because it is the habitant of Mediterranean Seal which are about to extinct.

Incir Island is the second stop of the boat ride, which is located directly across to Foca with 15 minutes of ride. On the island across the English Promontory you will see the traces from ancient settlement. The burial chamber, candle holes carved into the rocks, water channels, filtration ponds, caves, Cybele reliefs and temple ruins will make your trip interesting.

The area covered with pine trees, is a popular picnic site in spring and summer. There is also a camp site with the capacity of 20 tents.  In the island, barbecue, meat and grilled fish are serviced in a restaurant called “Ferdi’nin Yeri”.