Mediterranean monk seal (monachus-monachus) is one of the world’s rarest 12 mammals .The number of seals does not exceed 400 in the world. Foca was chosen as pilot region in 1991 by National Seal Committee established in Turkey. In this regard the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) contributes to protection of seals. Besides scientists fishermen from Foca also participate in meetings of the committee and have active roles in protecting seal.

akdeniz-fokuThe Mediterranean monk seal is a good swimmer that it can take up to 60 km road in one day. Seals which like the tranquility prefer to live in places away from pressure of industrialization, settlement, marine pollution. With the cooperation of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Foca Municipality and Special Environmental Protection Board and with the financial support of the Ministry of Environment protection measures have been initiated. Most of the caves used by seals are in islands. It is forbidden to enter the caves used by seals which breed very rarely. Around the rocks where seals live, it is forbidden to sail, to anchor, camping on Orak Island, to hunt, to catch see products.

Henry Ford European Environmental Protection Award was given to Foca Pilot Project in 1998.