Foça is one of the rare holiday destinations where you can swim in the city center and flags are distributed to the blue flag beaches.

Foça has 9 blue flag beaches.


9 beaches in Foça deserved to get blue flags with their criterias like sea water analyses every 15 days, existence of a lifeguard to provide safety for visitors, division of water sport and swimming areas, emergency plan, environmental planning and the opportunities for disabled people.

Mayor of Foça Gökhan Demirağ stated that blue flag is an eco-tag that is searched by holiday visitor and tour operators. The Mayor Demirağ said “The existence of many blue flags shows that our beaches are clean in microbiological aspects and sensitive in terms of environmental management. Our efforts to get more Blue Flag beaches continue without interruption”.

In summer of 2015 there are 45 beaches and 3 marinas with blue flag and 9 of them are in Foça.

Blue Flag Beaches in Foça:

Karakum Beach, Leon Otel, Voodoo Beach, Neilson Club Phokaia, Hanedan Beach Club, Mackerel Holiday Village, Pollen Holiday Village, Yeni Foça Public Beach, Yeni Foça Öğretmenevi

The coordinator of North Aegean Cities of Turkey Environmental Education Foundation Dogan Karatas stated that “The Jury of International Blue Flag declared the blue flag candidates of 2015. In the declaration Turkey has the second place with its 436 beaches out of 50 countries. In Blue Flag Program 2014 carried out by Turkey Environmental Education Foundation; Turkey had the third place with 397 beaches after Greece with 407 and Spain with 573. In 2015 our country got the second place after Spain with 578 beaches. Besides beaches, 22 marinas deserved to get blue flags in 2015.”