You can use the options below to come Foça…

With your private car;

After 39 km in İzmir-Canakkale road you will turn to left and in 26 km you will be in Foça. After Izmir, you will pass Karşıyaka, Çiğli and Menemen then you will see the signboard of  Foça turning. When you turn left from the traffic lights, you will be on road of Foça.

How to go to Foça from Istanbul?

After you pass the Izmit Bay, you will continue in direction of Gemlik – Bursa – Susurluk – Balıkesir – Akhisar – Manisa, then you take the Manisa ringroad in the direction of Menemen/Çanakkale, when you get to Menemen you turn to Çanakkale direction and after 10 km you will see the Foça turning. In 26 km you will be in Foca.

How to go to Foça from İzmir?

At the weekends you can reach to Foca with Izdeniz ships from Karşıyaka(at 8 am) and Konak(at 8:15 am). When you return to İzmir, you can take the ship from Foca at 20:05. The prices of this journey are 10 TL, for students 6 TL and for teachers 8 TL. You can also use your “Izmirim” card.

With Bus;

No matter which part of Turkey you come from, when you arrive in Izmir Bus Station, at the beginning of perons you will see the minibuses with signboard of “Eski Foça”. Minibuses; in winters start at 06:30 and finish 21:30. In summers, they start at 06:00 and finish at 23:00. You take minibuses every 30 minutes(After 20:00 it can be in every hour.) For your information.

With Plane;

After you arrive in Adnan Menderes Airport, you will take metro “Izban” in the direction of   (The last metro is at 23:36, we recommend you to arrange your flight according to that.) and then get off in the station called Hatundere. It takes around 1 h 20 min. In Hatundere station you can take the bus with the number 744 and in 30 minutes you will be in Foça.