The one which resembles seals is the biggest island. Today it is the habitat of seals and it shines with its pure, clean seawater.

The caves in the rocks are nests of seals. With this reason swimming around rocks and climbing to the rocks are forbidden so that seal can breed in a comfortable way.. But there are areas allowed to swim for the visitors and natives. This area is located on the north of Orak Island.

Siren Rocks took its name from history-mythology. The Sirens mentioned in mythology were creatures which had bird shaped bodies and women head and were known for the magical music they made. According to the legend; Sirens living here glamorized the sailors with their magical music. The sailors glamorized by the beauty of music and Sirens, had the thought of living there till the death and with this thought they crashed to the rocks.

The miraculous shapes of Siren rocks carved by the waves for centuries, confirms the magical music of Sirens.

Do you know how Siren Rocks is mentioned in the Great Epic Homer?

“The Great Goddess Circe” said to me “whatever you do, just stay away from Sirens”. “Avoid from their magical sounds and flower meadows. You listen to this sound. But then they will tie you up from your arms and legs to pillar.” I said so and warned my friends. In meanwhile our ship had already arrived to the Siren Islands. Because there was a pushing wind behind us. Suddenly the wind stopped, the sea was plain. The god stopped all the waves. My friends gathered all the sails of the ship, and then they frothed the sea up with their shovels. At that time I tore the wax comb with my bronze sword and smashed it with my strong hands. I put it to my friends’ ears. They stopped hearing Sirens. Then they tied me up from my arms and legs to the pillar.

Then they nonstop beat the sea with their shovels. We said, “Let get out of here in a second”. But Sirens didn’t ignore the passing ship. They immediately started to sing with their clangorous voice: Come here, the famous Odysseus, the honor of Akhas. Listen to our voice and stop your ship. No ship passed from here without listening our sweet melodies, they listen and learn much more things then they go, we know what happened in great Trojan. With their beautiful voices they said so and I wanted to listen them from my heart. I made a sign with my eyebrows and told my friends to untie me. But they were paddling with their all power. A little while later we were pretty far away from Sirens and we stopped hearing their voices.