Did you know that the rooster, the symbol of France, has gone there from Foça? Although French people don’t accept it, the historical records rebut. Phocaea is the name of Foça known in the history, hundreds years ago Phocaeans put wooden statue of rooster in their parliaments, temples and on deck of their ships. The rooster was the symbol of Phocaea. The rooster, the symbol of revival and early awakening.

galhorozuThe first half of the  6th century BC witnessed the uncontrollable spread of the Persians. No army couldn’t stand against the Persian Army which occupied the Phocaea. The city was previously surrounded with 18-20 meters walls, but no walls were strong enough to stop the Persians. After having realized they cannot resist more, Phocaeans asked for a night to surrender from the Persian King. The Persian King accepted it, after the night there was no news from them. When Persians got to the city, there was nobody but rabid dogs.

Phocaeans who would rather being homeless then being slaves, carried their belongings through a tunnel under the city, loaded to ships and sailed away. A part of this group arrived in Marseille, the French coast. The voyage was made with rowboats and each boat had a symbol of rooster. Phocaeans who were strong sailors reached many places with their boats which was with 50 shovels and had the capacity of 500 people, and they established many port cities and other settlements. Today’s Marseille was established by Phocaeans. In the paort of Marseille, there is a boars on which it is written that “The city that you resindent now, was established by Phocaeans in 600 BC”..With this way the symbol of rooster was carried to France from Foça. They also brought their culture to the places they had been. They brought alphabet to France and olive cultivation to the most of Mediterranean coasts.It became a wealthy civilization and their currency was valuable and valid everywhere. The Greeks had to leave Foca after the War of Independence, established two settlements,  one in Thessaloniki (Near Phokea- New Foca), the other is  on south of Athens (Palea Phokea- Old Foca). Greek inhabitants of Foca in Greece and Turkish inhabitants have still good relation as it was before the war. The spread of the Gallic Rooster symbol happened after French Revolution in 1789.. During the revolution, Phocaeans in Marseille marched with the flag on which there was symbol of gal rooster. In that time, the revolutionaries saw the rooster symbol and decided to have it as their symbol. So the rooster symbol which meant revival, awakening, power to Phocaeans, became the symbol of France.

1966 Marseilles replied this in kind way and they built French Holiday Village in Foca which is one the first holiday site harmonized with nature.

If we go back the topic of rooster, till around 10 years ago there was wooden statue of rooster in the Center of Foça, but later it was taken off by the Municipality without an explanation and now it is exhibited on the entrance of Foca Municipality. It is believed that there is a golden rooster buried somewhere in Foca. Therefore, lots of people have been trying to find it. But they don’t know that the real golden rooster is Foca itself.

Today the symbol of the city is the Mediterranean monk seals which are endangered but it was a rooster before.